Vicon SuperFlow PS403VITI (中国区未售)

Especially Designed For Orchards

The PS403/503 VITI spreader version with only 115 cm hopper width has been designed for spreading in orchards. With hopper capacities of 400 and 500 litres those models are the ideal to use in orchards.

The Advantages:

  • SuperFlow spreading system
  • Easy setting of the application rate
  • A wide range of spreading spouts
  • PS-ED II on-board computer available

Technical Specifications

SuperFlow PS403VITI PS503VITI
Basic unit   PS403VITI
Hopper capacity (l) 400 500
Hopper width (cm) 115 115
Filling height (cm) 89 101
Weight (kg) 121 126
PTO speed (rpm) 540 540
3-point linkage category 1/2 1/2